Our Story

Who we are and what we do.

We build things

Simple things. Beautiful things. Crazy things. Intuitive things. Things that don't exist yet. Things that make even the most cynical, seen-it-before people say "hey that's pretty cool". We make things 100% tailored for the project at hand. We dig deep to build things that are actually useful instead of things that just lay there and look pretty. We build these things because we love to build. What can we build for you?

Colarroid Creations was founded by Micheal Obire-Asagba, an advertising veteran on a mission to close the gap between design, technology and brilliant ideas. We work in small teams of passionate builders — designers, developers, writers and strategists — to create award-winning work for both local and international brands

What we do

We design for the future—in ways that make sense right now. We’re strategic experts and creative explorers committed to solving complex challenges. With smart tools and global resources, we examine the implications of every brand choice, create new experiences, and open doors to opportunity.


· Brand Identity Design
· Website Design & Development
· Mobile App Design & Development
· Graphic Interface design

We partner with our clients to build brands that stand for something.

Why We Do It

We believe in the power of design. We thrive on building relationships and helping good people and organizations succeed through a collaborative process.
We are fueled by passion: for what we do, for the people we do it for, and for the people we work alongside.

How We Do It:

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Step 1:



We meet to establish your asking and make sure that we understand your desires and purposes.


We make a complete database targeted on your project ( competitors, possibilities, graphic styles, brand values, what are already done)


We analyze our database from observation part to propose creation leaks and reflection axes.

Step 2:



According to our analysis, we find out concepts interesting to develop.


We propose best solutions and ideations through sketch, storyboard, design draft, 3D integrations.


We select the best proposal and modify it, according to your feedbacks, feelings, and advices.

Step 3:



Interface, application, communication (poster, flyer, banner, website, & etc)


Html, css, php, javascript, game, mobile app, wordpress, mapping projection.


Tests and modifications

Step 4:



Contact press, social network ads, trailer video, flyers, poster


We launch the event, shot picture and video, teach staff how to use, support assistance.


We make it viral (video, website,& etc), apply awards, post on blogs, YouTube promotion.